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A tool to render video game graphics


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OGRE 3D (the name is simply an acronym for Object 'Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine') is a 3D rendering engine geared towards scenes and it's designed to make life easier for video game developers, allowing them to make 3D graphics more intuitively.

Many commercial games, including Torchlight, Garshasp, Zombie Driver and the great Zero Gear, have used this tool with very positive results, both in terms of product quality and even in terms of sales. This is something which supports OGRE 3D's quality, to some extent.

In terms of features, OGRE 3D contains almost everything that an individual user or an independent developing company might need. This ranges from support for animating human skeletons to loading complex textures in different formats, and includes particle composition systems and transparent elements.

OGRE 3D is a 3D graphics creation tool which, as I mentioned earlier, is actively used in some games, including both commercial games and open source games. There are many games that use this technology, ranging from adventures like Venetica (2009) to role-playing games like Torchlight II (2012).

The trial version of the app allows you to see and manipulate some basic elements and pregenerated scenes.